Oceanus Blocks v2

  • Description

    Dramatic new volumetric wall decorations  – Limited edition of 25 pieces.

    This season, we bring you a one of a kind wall artwork, looking into the oceanic coastline depths.

    Like a vision into the summer, “Oceanus Blocks” is a center piece to any interior.

    Customisable clever arrangement, you can lay the pieces in any order desired – it’s your free choice.

    Build and designed by Eduard Locota

    *Note: Every piece is 100% unique and handmade; so you may find slight differences in shape and colors from the photos of the original piece. The photos were take from the Extra Large pieces; medium pieces may loose a percentage of detail compared to the Extra large Oceanus Blocks.

  • Additional information
    Dimensions170 × 5 × 90 cm

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