• Description

    Technical aspects:

    • h = 120 cm,  L = 9 cm, l = 9 cm
    • Base is ~ 20x20cm
    • Hard block of Oak Wood, at the finest premium quality;
    • Natural wood finish, fully done by hand ( 0% lacquer was used )
    • Acrylic glass is 2x stronger than concrete;
    • Illuminated lighting pieces;
    • 4x Light bulbs with 48 SMD = an equivalent of 25w;
    • Eco-friendly, A++ category of electrical consumption;
    For a perfect transaction, after purchasing, please specify in your message:
    1. Type of power you have in your country ( 110v – 220v: examples here )
    2. Type of socket you use in your country ( Type A -Type O: examples here )
    3. Choose between warm and cold light, or both similar to the photos ( but, I strongly recommend cold light)
    Build process
    • Each piece is unique; the wood has been hand-sorted, hand-poured, hand-cut and hand-packed. So, the wood / acrylic glass, dimensions and colours may slightly vary from the figures, since the building process is 100% unique for each piece.
    • Build process takes about one weeks for each lamp; please allow extra time for custom orders (materials and dimensions can be customized upon request)
    • Tenebrosa and the small lamps are just for comparison, and are sold separately from Multicellular ( the tallest of them all ).





  • Additional information
    Weight25 kg
    Dimensions190 × 9 × 9 cm

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