La Falaise Bench & Side Table


  • Description

    A vertical work, in strong contrast with the negative space. Representing a radical experimentation of materials and forms, and most complex exploration of the shades of Fern Green color.

    The work was largely fueled by a”primitive” form, the rock. A natural inspiration formed a unique contrast to the humanly fabricated roman column, resulting in a distinctive blend of modernity and timelessness.

    The column style provide space to a totally different interpretation: man’s longing and yearning for the spiritual and divine, the manipulation of reality embarking to a dream place.

    In a stray away from the usual system of colors and choose a more monochromatic scale of colors, shows the audience how unique this piece of art is and how it differs from all other works not only in subject or theme but also in color.


    La Falaise is a limited edition of  15, not more.

  • Additional information
    Weight180 kg
    Dimensions165 × 65 × 56 cm
    La Falaise

    La Falaise Bench & Side Table

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