The unnatural embrace between marble, acrylic glass, wood or light

Every prodyct is unique and different from the other, you won’t be able to find 2 identical pieces in the world.

100% Hand Made
All the artwork products are 100% hand made, and hand crafted from Zero. Materials and dimensions can be customized upon request.

Premium Materials
We only use premium material from locals and from around the world, you cannot be dissapointed.

 Why acrylic glass

You may wonder, why Acrylic and not glass?

Because acrylic: the most transparent material known to man, that gives less distortion, 7x more impact strength and much higher bending strength than glass; it weight less than 2x as glass. And, can be repaired much easier. It makes acrylic glass a more premium material. But as each premium materials there is a downside, it’s much more expensive than regular glass.

93% Acrylic
82% Glass
1.49 Acrylic
1.52 Glass
Impact / Strength
7x more
1.2g cm3 Acrylic
2.6g cm3 Glass

Easy repair

Who we are

Based in Timisoara, Romania: I design out of the box for a living.

I never ran after diplomas, certificates, and conventional training – I’ve always focused toward unparalleled results, practical abilities, high creativity and excellence.

I’m not good with failure, so if I have a vision of something that I love doing, I will pursue it.

I can say that my soul doesn’t have brakes

As an artist, I believe Imperfection create Beauty. All the pieces are 100% unique, hand made and distinct, with imperfections, flaws and flaming frozen cores.

The unnatural union between materials, a fusion between marble, wood, Jesmonite, resin or light, embrace and complete each other in a surreal way.

A variaton of ancient (Japanese Shou Sugi Ban) and modern techniques, with special colouring create a spectacular interior. A minimalistic luxurious exterior, with a violent and destructive interior. Everything materially unnecessary was eliminated, and all emotions were frozen in time.