The unnatural embrace between materials; marble, acrylic glass, wood, light and more.

Every prodyct is unique and different from the other, you won’t be able to find 2 identical pieces in the world.

100% Hand Made
All the artwork products are 100% hand made, and hand crafted from Zero. Materials and dimensions can be customized upon request.

Premium Materials
We only use premium material from locals and from around the world, you cannot be dissapointed.

 Why acrylic glass

You may wonder, why Acrylic and not glass?

Because acrylic: the most transparent material known to man, that gives less distortion, 7x more impact strength and much higher bending strength than glass; it weight less than 2x as glass. And, can be repaired much easier. It makes acrylic glass a more premium material. But as each premium materials there is a downside, it’s much more expensive than regular glass.

93% Acrylic
82% Glass
1.49 Acrylic
1.52 Glass
Impact / Strength
7x more
Acrylic weight 2X less than Glass

Easy repair


Born in 1985, Romanian sculptor and designer Eduard Locota established his eponymous design studio with the aim to beautify modern living spaces. The studio’s collections are inspired by nature in general and seascapes in particular. Using a special combination of acrylic glass, marble, Jesmonite, and wood, Eduard Locota makes every sculpture by hand. As a result, the objects are truly one of a kind. They captivate with their representation of the primordial relationship between the solidity of rock and the fluidity of water. The designer combine sculptural elements with artistic features, blurring the line between art and function. Internationally acclaimed, many of his creations infused with delicate lines, now belong to top private collections and royal families. 

“I am part of a rare breed of contemporary artists that carves and sculpt all of their works on their own, without the help of anyone alse. I am doing all the designs and making all the preparations and then working on my sculptures all the way trough, until they are finished. I consider this to be the only honorable way that allows me to put my signature on all of my artworks.

I’ve always focused toward unparalleled results, practical abilities, high creativity and excellence. I specialize in out-of-the-box designs, that combines alternative materials and uses modern techniques to achieve artworks that exudes emotions.”

Eduard Locota currently lives and works in Timisoara, Romania.